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Of Childhood Songs

The Little Rascals

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I was sitting at work when a song entitled, The Little Green Frog, popped into my head. I sang it while shuffling papers and sitting at the computer. I hummed it while walking near the patients and doctors. The song was on a perpetual loop in my brain when I suddenly thought, “This song is barbaric.”

It’s no mystery that a lot of traditional children’s songs have a…

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Of 25 Years of Knowledge!

Of 25 Years of Knowledge #birthday post

Lighting the Candle

Lighting the Candle

Today is my 25th birthday, which means I’m due for a quarter-life-crisis anytime now.  Most importantly, I can officially rent a car anywhere in the United States without being forced to pay extra extensive fees. My last God-given American right till I can get Senior Discount.

Over the last 25 years I have come to acquire much knowledge, 25 of those nuggets of wisdom are…

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Of Attempting Success

Of Attempting Success #GrownUp

Me Being Awsome

“Do what you have to do.” – Sarah Luna (aka ME!)

I’ve never been one to say, “Here’s my super challenging goal, and dammit if I don’t succeed.”

I’m much more likely to say, “What I’m doing right now is no longer working, I think it’s time for a change.”

When it’s time for that change, I move quickly. I’m often surprised by how much I can accomplish when actually I put in the time and effort. I…

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